prospecting mastery course

The Prospecting Mastery Course

The boost in production you’ve been looking for.

Becoming a Prospecting Master means more prospects, new assets under management, more referrals, more of everything.

This four day course is for the Sales Assistant, or Advisor. It covers more than 20 subjects you will need to know to
enhance your prospecting activities.


Lead Development

Develop relationships with leads the “Good Way.” Learn how to uncover the one thing your leads want to improve in their financial life so much that they’ll move Heaven and Earth to get it. Then, use what you've learned to set the appointment.


Sales Pipeline Management

Without the ability to manage your sales pipeline, opportunities fall through the dreaded cracks, leads go cold, and your sales will falter. Learn to manage your pipeline effectively and impress your leads with our structured, professional, and  repeatable process. Managing the pipeline effectively will help you deepen your relationship with leads, set more appointments, and ultimately get more money!


Calling Skills

Phone skills are essential for Advisors and Prospecting Masters alike. Without them, you’ll miss an incredible amount of opportunities. This section covers the elements of calling skills that will help you set more appointments, find more money, and increase referrals, all during a short
phone call. 


Campaigns & List Development

Find people with money to invest and get them interested in investing with you. Make more money from your marketing campaigns. Learn how to get the results you want by mastering the seven variables that dictate how profitable your campaigns will be, and much more.


Direct Mail Prospecting

It has been said that Bill Good is one of the world’s premier direct mail writers. Learn how to create response-generating direct mail letters, how to follow up with those leads to get the appointments you want, and everything in between.


So much more

With more than 20 subjects covered, it’s time to become a Prospecting Master!

Questions? Call us at (888) 495-7303 and ask for Jill Williamson.

Do the course on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Your access gets you one full year of the course.

Take your time, do a section, get it implemented. Do the next section, make sure everyone is on the same page. There is a LOT of information in this course. Make sure you get the most out of it. 

Do it solo, or with the whole team.

Your one-year license isn't limited to one person. Your team may consist of one person or twelve. One license means the whole office can benefit from the training. 

Questions? Call us at (888) 495-7303 and ask for Jill Williamson.